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Intermediate Membership

GOLF FOR $97.00
If you are between the ages of 19 and 45 , and are interested in joining the Cowichan Golf Club you can now for only $97 dollars a month. Call to inquire today!



General Information

Chip-ins (not using a putter) may be posted on the sheet on the bulletin board in the Ladies Locker Room, but only if they have been achieved in the Wednesday weekly competition. Another player in the group must verify the entry on the sheet.

Birdies, verified by a member of the playing group, should be identified on your scorecard after play on Wednesdays. These are then entered on the ‘Birdie Tree’ in the Locker room. Only the Birdies scored on Wednesdays will qualify.

’BREAK” PINS 100, 90, and 80
Any member breaking 100, 90, or 80 for the first time is eligible for her ‘Break’ pin as appropriate, providing that:
-It is done on a course with an RCGA rating.
-There was no “pick ups” or “gimmies”
-It does not have to be done in a Wednesday competition
-She has not previously received such a Pin from her Club.
The card recording the score is to be attested and handed into the Lady Captain.

Any member who scores a hole-in-one at any course (at home or away) and has their card duly witnessed is eligible to receive a hole-in-one pin from the BCGA.