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Intermediate Membership

GOLF FOR $97.00
If you are between the ages of 19 and 45 , and are interested in joining the Cowichan Golf Club you can now for only $97 dollars a month. Call to inquire today!





Cowichan Golf and Country Club has one of the most active senior divisions in the region. Members who have reached the age of 55 are welcome to join and play in the events.

The 2015 Seniors' League opens on April 9th and league play is every Thursday until the wind-up banquet on October 1st. The entry fee for 2015 remains at $40.00.To play in the league championship in August you must be paid up and have participated in 5 league games.

The Victoria and district interclub matchs will be played on most Mondays. Ian McMahon has volunteered his time to co-ordinate the matches. Ian's number is 250-748-5569.The cost for the home and away game plus two lunches will this year be $40.00.The schedule and who is playing where and when can be found on the bulletin board in the mens' locker room. 

The social interclubs with other valley courses are under the direction of Ian McMahon. This year we have scheduled matches with Mount Brenton, Salt Spring Island and Cottonwood.


The social interclubs will be at $40.00 each for the entry and a small anti for the match prizes


For further information please contact Tom Slater.